Workshop: Data Visualization

Dr.Thittaporn Ganokratanaa (KMUTT)

28 Feb 2022

Course Overview

This course introduces the data science field, the use of Python programming for implementation, and categories of visualization and application areas.

9.00 AM – 12.00 PM: Introduction to Data Science with Python

Students jump right into a Python-based curriculum and explore and learn the foundations of data science. Students are able to construct different Python data structures used in data science applications, initial implementation of abstract series and data frames as the main Python data structure, understand data cleaning and its manipulation techniques, and run the basic inferential statistical analyses while growing in skill with tools like Google Colab and Python programming.

1.00 PM – 4.00 PM: The Importannce of Data Visualization in Business Intelligence

We dive into the importance of data visualization, the usage of data visualization in modern business and its future implementations, and the role of data visualization in decision-making. We build a conceptual understanding of loading and using the important Python data visualization libraries, and practicing and simulating real-life scenarios.

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